When it’s time to aide an old loved one with moving and/or downsizing, it can be a very tender and difficult process. Below are some reasons for hiring a NJ Senior Move Consultant to help make the job run smoother.

  • Hiring a NJ Senior Move Consultant will help you downsize your aging parent’s home in an organized and dignified manner. Before NJ Senior Move Consultants became more popular, the way a senior was moved out of their home that they lived in for many years was done much differently. Usually the children of the seniors would spend a weekend at the house throwing out a bunch of stuff in a dumpster. Years of collecting different things and making the home into what is in the present just thrown into a dumpster. Senior NJ Senior Move Consultants acknowledge the time it took to accumulate the lifetime of possessions, so they take the time to go through everything with the senior parent, whether it takes weeks or months.
  • The aging parent feels more in control of the moving process. Professional NJ Senior Move Consultants will pay a bunch of attention to the seniors and make sure that they know that their opinion on the move matters.
  • NJ Senior Move Consultants are often like a general contractor. Often an older woman, the Senior Move Consultant will take digital photos of the entire content of the house and place them on a protective card of her website and send a link to all the family members around the country so that the family can also weigh in on what should be done, and arrange shipment or storage of goods until a decision is made. The move manger will connect the family with an estate sale expert, or sometimes even conducts the estate sale themselves.
  • Decreases stress on the family. A NJ Senior Move Consultant helps make the transition to a new home smoother for the entire family, especially the senior, as they will feel like they chose it. Having an expert manage the move helps take away a lot of stress for everyone involved, helps to keep families from fighting about what is best for Mom or Dad, and ensures that the best interest of the senior is being kept in focus.

At Tranquil Transitions, LLC, our NJ senior move consultants serve all of  Central, Northern and Southern NJ, including such places as Basking Ridge, Somerset, Bridgewater, Bernardsville, Somerville, Totowa, Bedminster, Short Hills, Millburn, Califon, and many more. For more information, call us today at 732-980-9581 or 732-672-9231, or you can visit our NJ Senior Move Consultant Homepage.

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