Who uses Senior Move Managers?     

  • Senior Move Managers are contacted by various sources: •
  •  The older adults themselves
  •  Family members
  •  Banks and trust officers
  •  Geriatric Care Managers
  •  Attorneys
  •  Social Service Providers
  •  Senior Housing Communities
  •  Physicians and Allied Health Personnel
  •  Realtors- (i.e. SRES, Seniors Real Estate Specialists)

Why is Senior Move Management needed?

When the decision has been made to move or downsize, Family members often want to help, but there may be barriers. Adult children may be sandwiched between their parents, their careers and their own family obligations. For family members living far away, the barriers may be geographic. Some seniors have no surviving children, or their children are seniors themselves. If illness or death precipitated the move, the family may already be drained both emotionally and physically.

People age 55 and above are the fastest growing segment of the US population. At the same time, social changes such as more women working full time have made it increasingly difficult for family caregivers to provide all of the support needed for these transitions.

Our Senior Move Management company in NJ has emerged to fill the gaps and to make transitions easier for everyone involved.

Benefits of  our NJ Senior Move Management Services

Because they focus exclusively on the move process, Senior Move Managers have significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress and produce quality results.

Services are client-centered and personalized to meet the client’s needs and wants.

NASMM members are reviewed for insurance and experience requirements prior to acceptance. Ongoing educational requirements reflect our commitment to professionalism and to working with older adults.

NASMM abides by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for all members. The purpose of the NASMM Code of Ethics is to clarify and guide the conduct of our members so that the goals and values of our profession are both reflected and advanced.

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