Senior Downsizing and RelocationDOWNSIZING / RIGHTSIZING

Many mature adults have not moved in 30 to 50 years and have compiled a lifetime of items. Deciding what to do with saved, and in many cases, unused or unwanted items is typically a daunting task. We can help you with the downsizing and relocation of your surroundings – assist you with deciding what to keep, what to donate, what to sell and what needs to be discarded.


TRANQUIL TRANSITIONS also provides services for the dispersal of household belongings after the passing of a loved one. A death in the family introduces a whole new set of responsibilities, from removing personal belongings to the complete shutdown of an established home site. When faced with this dilemma, it’s a challenge at best, to be dealing with daily responsibilities or travelling long distances.  TRANQUIL TRANSITIONS will help make those tasks feasible and timely. While working under the direction of family members, attorneys or trust officers, we organize and distribute the estate according to you and your family members wishes.  We take care of everything from sorting, to the arrangements for cleaning, repair work, and relocation services (Realtors). This relieves the pressure and stress from an already trying time, and it’s as easy as a phone call.



Planning for a move involves many aspects and knowing where to begin can be the most difficult. Then there’s everything in between like selecting a place to move, deciding what to take, finding a Mover, a Realtor, organizing, packing, moving, unpacking and getting rid of what’s leftover. All is overwhelming without a plan. TRANQUIL TRANSITIONS is there with you and your family every step of the way insuring the best possible service.  We can handle all aspects of the move and go over a plan that breaks down the process step by step which makes it easier to visualize. For out-of-town family members TRANQUIL TRANSITIONS provides peace of mind knowing that someone is coordinating your loved one’s move with the personal attention you would give.  We save our clients money with our movers. Our client who moved from Metuchen to Tampa Ba, Florida was quoted $1,000 more than our Movers. Tranquil Transitions has preferred status with the Van Lines we use.

Services Include

  • Floor Plans
  • Professional Packing & Unpacking
  • Organizing
  • Downsizing, Estate Dispersal
  • Shredding – Protect yourself against identity theft & free up more of your space
  • Moving Arrangements
  • Custom Closet Design & Installation
  • Staging – house sells faster and for more money
  • Clean Outs – We will remove all the rubbish, old furniture, appliances anything we can not sell or donate on your behalf. Your home will be more attractive, livable, enjoyable and spacious by getting rid of the items you no longer want or need.
  • Auctions – Online
  • Real Estate -SRS
  • Paper & Financial Management – separate page
  • Household Repairs
  • Preparing House for Sale – leaving in broom swept condition
  • Home Improvements
  • Painting
  • Aging In Place
  • Car Transporting

Financial Management- Unorganized financial papers?

Piles of paper around the house, overstuffed file cabinets with paper you no longer need? Bills getting lost? Every time you look, you feel anxious and overwhelmed?

Tranquil Transitions will sort through your paperwork and create an organized space for you by purging the unnecessary documents from those you need and creating easy to access filing solutions. The unnecessary ones can be tossed or shredded based on the content.


  • Organized
  • Peace
  • Able to locate what you need when needed
  • Money saved – bills paid on time (We can set you up with online bill paying.


Be prepared for tax season and a more organized life.
Don’t procrastinate any longer Call us at 732-980-9581

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