Now that you’re familiar with some tips to help you prepare to sell your home, you’re probably wondering what additional things you can do to make a bigger profit when the time comes to sell your home. Read these 6 tips to help you be profitable on your home sale.

  1. Research Your Ideal Homebuyer. Researching and understanding your target buyer can make a substantial difference when selling your home. 
  1. Create a Home History Inventory. Buyers today often seek out homes that are well-maintained. You can keep a digital record online that details a home’s maintenance records, floors plans, warranty documents and more. An online record can allow you to showcase your efforts to potential buyers. A recent upgrade or renovation could help you sell your home for more. 
  1. Touch Up Your Landscaping. A well landscaped home could have a higher chance of selling than a home with no landscape. By simply having a well-cut lawn and clean outdoor patio area, you can help boost your home’s appeal for potential buyers. 
  1. Install New Hardware. If you’re working with a small budget, you may be able to install new hardware finishes like doorknobs and drawer handles to enhance the appearance of your home. These small changes can add a lot of value to the house in the eye of the buyer. 
  1. Create an Organized Atmosphere. An organized home gives off the impression that the home has been well maintained. By simply making the beds, cleaning the kitchen and dusting the other rooms, you can make sure your home gives off a great first impression. 
  1. Keep Maintenance Up to Date. This is something that buyers are really looking for. Make sure you take time to stay up to date on routine maintenance, like servicing the HVAC unit or having someone inspect the roof. This type of maintenance can help boost the home value when you are selling.